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Lac de CastillonThe lake of Castillon extends over a length of 8 km in the valley of the Verdon. Created by two dams, the Castillon dam and the dam Chaudanne, it covers 500 ha and contains about 150 million m3 of water. The primary purpose of this lake is irrigation (85 million m3 of water are reserved for agriculture), but the beauty of its shores each year attracts more tourists.

Located near Castellane, Lake Castillon added one more vital tourism to the villages of the Alps, Saint Andre and Saint Julien du Verdon. The beaches and water sports centers located in these villages you will cross the lake in boats, canoes and paddleboats. The lake of Castillon however draws fewer tourists than its close neighbor, Lake St. Croix.

Note that following the impoundment of the dam Castillon in 1948, the village of Castillon was submerged beneath the lake. The old road N212 was also covered by the restraint. Moreover, when the water level down, we can see the ancient Pont Julien.

Some data about the Lake of Castillon :

5 km ² area
Altitude 880 m
Lake depth 100 m
Catchment area 655 km ²

Cities near Lake of Castillon

Saint André les Alpes
Saint Julien du Verdon

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