Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon


Moissac-BellevueFirst mention of Moissac-Bellevue appears  in a charter of 1052, under the name "Moxiaco", then it occurs at this time in 1110 under the name "Moisac". Remains Celto-Ligurian (oppidum of Camp Olivet) and traces of Roman colonization show that this place was known and appreciated since ancient times. The Duke of Blacas, lord of Aups, will donate his co-lordship of Moissac to the Templars in 1201, but the real development of the site will occur when the other co-lord, William de Moissac, will offer to turn his property the Templars. They then build a command post, dependent on that of St. Maurice, and one of several buildings, a Romanesque church with two naves, terminating in an apse in a cul-de-four. Another chapel, the Chapel of Notre Dame, also of the twelfth century, but built a little away from the village, has a remarkable bell wall to double arches.

Rue MoissacThe narrow, steep Moissac-Bellevue, some having retained their old pavement, you will discover many remarkable buildings with architectural details. Among these include the clock tower (XIX) and its bell, the Bell Tower of Notre Dame de la Roche, a beautiful loft (private), a former rectory converted into a holiday home, vaulted passages. ..

Together they form a village of great elegance, very picturesque and restored with great care. It is undoubtedly one of the prettiest villages in the Haut Var.

Built at an altitude of 579 meters on a promontory, Moissac Bellevue also offers a magnificent view over the hills and the Defend the valley bordering the immense wood Pelenq. Located near Aups and the Verdon Gorges is a hiking destination not to be missed when visiting the region.

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Moissac-Bellevue, fontaine Campanile de Moissac Moissac, village fleuri Chapelle Notre Dame Panorama, vue depuis Moissac Passage voûté à Moissac Moissac