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Lac de Sainte Croix

Marvellous Lake Sainte Croix


VillecrozeNear the Gorges du Verdon, Villecroze is a lovely village nestled in the hills covered with pines and oaks. Set against the foothills of the Alps, it lies at an altitude of 350 m.

The old town has preserved its authenticity, with its narrow streets and arcades encourage a pleasant walk during which you can see a bell tower, a seventeenth-century Romanesque church and the chapel of St. Victor.

Do not miss Villecroze to the city park, rich in flora with rare and beautiful rose gardens. This is also the time to visit the troglodyte caves carved into the cliffs and admire a spectacular waterfall, unfortunately, often dry in recent years.

Villecroze, le veux villagePlace of culture, Villecroze organizes an annual "Theatre May" Friendly and various exhibitions.

The classical music lovers can attend free concerts of the highest level in the Chapel of St. Victor. These concerts are given by students of master classes organized annually by the International Academy of Music, founded by Anne Gruner Schlumberger.

It is in a Provence evergreen, fragrant with thyme, rosemary and pine woods that the small village of Villecroze welcomes you for holidays.

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Mairie de Villecroze
Place de la Souvenance - 83690 Villecroze
Téléphone : 04 94 70 63 06 - Fax : 04 94 67 53 29

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