Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon


AiguinesFrom far away you will see the castle, sitting there like a sentinel carefully, sympathetically watching the Lake St. Croix and the entrance of the Verdon Gorges. At 820 meters, he detaches his figure and white mass under the blue skies of Provence.
The village of Aiguines is one of the jewels of the Haut Var. A very pleasant central square with a fountain and wash house, typical streets with elegant homes, a breathtaking panorama that will all lovers of rare landscapes will feel compelled to make a stop there.

Very old village, Aiguines was originally naturally turned to agriculture and livestock, but eventually developed there an original activity that caused most of the economic strength of the village : wood turning. So what were these bowls made ​​of boxwood, which is then cloutait to increase their resistance. He remained at that time a museum turners, unfortunately closed temporarily, reopening with a probable end of 2012.

Installed above the Lake St. Croix, Aiguines offers incomparable views of turquoise waters and behind him on the Valensole, the Mecca of the cultivation of lavender. But also, it gives access to a road that takes you along the Verdon.
And in this peaceful village of Aiguines, you can visit a workshop that will remind you, even in the middle of August, you can dream on Christmas ...

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Chateau Aiguines (Var) Chapelle et lac Sainte Croix Lavoir Lac Sainte Croix Aiguines