Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon

Canoe in the Verdon Gorge

The superb landscapes of the Verdon Gorge and of Lower-Gorge encourage strongly in ride on the water! Several solutions are possible, among whom the one who consists in renting a canoe or a kayak
For the Verdon Gorge, you can become to the end of the gorge, to the Pont du Galetas, near Salles sur Verdon and Aiguines. Canoes and kayaks will allow you to take back up a part of gorge rather easily and in family. But take into account, please, recommendations of the hire companies or your guides! The Verdon Gorge are indeed a sensitive natural environment which it is necessary to respect, but also to land with caution because some danger watches for the unconscious, starting with the variations of level of water which happen sometimes and could put you in trouble.

For a more complete and longer exploration of the Verdon Gorge, the presence of a guide is absolutely necessary.

In the Verdon Lower-Gorge, you can go for example to Quinson or Esparron de Verdon. From these two villages, the access in the course of Verdon, calmer, is very easy. There also, hire companies of canoes and kayaks will give you all useful information for some hours of relaxation in family.

Finally, know that ride in canoe around a definite topic can you beings offered as the "Canoe in moonlight" or "The Prehistory in canoe" (Departure Artignosc).

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Canoe Verdon Gorge

Canoe and Kayak in Verdon Gorge