Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon


Le Roc et le VerdonWhen you get to Castellane, the first thing that impresses you is the Roc, from its height of 185 meters, dominating the city. On this same Roc, the elegant silhouette of the Notre-Dame du Roc watch over the tranquility of the city.

You get to Castellane or by the Verdon Gorges, or by the Lake of Castillon. Suffice to say that this town in the Alpes de Haute Provence enjoys a unique setting, and a wealth of rare beauty. Castellane existed at the time of the Ligurian tribes, but it is with the Roman conquest that the city will have its first development, promoted by the presence of the common sources of salt water. That's why his first name is "Salinae" or "Salinaa". But the current name of Castellane is it derived from "Petra Castellana" which indicated the stronghold built on the rock for protection including the Saracen invasions. On the set formed by the top of the Rock, one can still guess the remains of ancient fortifications.

Castellane today, this is an elegant Provençal city with its central place where warm bowlers hone their technique in the shade of plane trees. Bordering the square of the cafes and restaurants allow tourists to cool off ... and followers of hiking or climbing to recover.

rue CastellaneBecause Castellane is not a sleepy town. It is to be convinced that in the streets to watch the abundance of windows offering sports: rafting, canyoning, climbing, paragliding, microlight, skydiving, hiking, bungee jumping ... You in Castellane enjoy the pleasures of relaxing on the beaches of Lake Castillon, but you might as well live for sports camps and full of emotion!

In Castellane, you are also midway between the steep slopes of the Alps and the Mediterranean beaches, then you are in a landscape of high relief, with a very mild climate yet.

Castellane is a sub-prefecture of the Alpes de Haute Provence since 1799 and currently has a population of 1539 inhabitants. It lies at an altitude of 723 meters.

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