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Régusse - Chapel Saint Jean

Régusse - Chapelle Saint JeanAway from the village, in a residential area to which it gave its name, the Chapel Saint Jean is a small chapel typically Provencal, erected on a hill that offers a beautiful view over the valley and Régusse, fifteen minutes of the Gorges du Verdon.

Very elegant, with proportions that seem ideal, it has a bell tower with a small bell is meant unfortunately not very often ... Except when local kids trying to make it sound with stones, which inevitably break the Roman tile roof, when falling …

Placed in front of a small wood, the Chapel Saint Jean proudly resists urbanization of the neighborhood and its plaza is a perfect place to sit on a bench and contemplate the quiet landscape of Provence awaits you.

The chapel of Saint Jean of Régusse is too often closed, and I could not visit it once. This is unfortunate because the interior is decorated with a beautiful fresco, charming in its simplicity and freshness of its colors. You can discover a part as you approach the gates that close the entrance, the porch was decorated by the same artist.

Outside the usual tourist tracks, in a neighborhood that does not necessarily encouraged to walk when you do not know, the Chapel of St John, however, is one of those beautiful Provencal heritage monuments, modest, but that forge the identity of a region.

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