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La Palud sur Verdon

La Palud sur VerdonAt the heart of the Verdon Gorges, the center of the Grand Canyon du Verdon, the village of La Palud sur Verdon is a must for tourists. Indeed, it is from this village that is accessed the "Route des Crêtes" Ridge Road (D23) for 23 Kms which offers the most spectacular views of the Gorges du Verdon.

On this ridge road, many lookouts invite you to visit countryside overlooking the breathtaking emerald waters of the Verdon. The scenery is magnificent, awesome, beautiful. It is these views that you will make the most accurate idea of the Verdon Gorges.

The village of La Palud itself is dominated by a 18th century castle, stately, massive, now home to the Maison des Gorges du Verdon, where you will find all necessary information to organize your excursions along the Verdon. Because one of the interests of this village is its strategic location which allows access to numerous hiking trails and mountain bikers. Thus, the cottage La Maline, starting the famous Sentier Martel, is located on Ridge Road.

Château de La Palud sur VerdonLa Palud sur Verdon is also access to multiple climbing routes of all difficulties, just to try your hand at rock climbing, or otherwise deal more technical routes, to be reserved for climbers. Guides Office will allow you to better organize and safe outings.

Houses, hotels, guest houses offer at La Palud sur Verdon of accommodation in the week or the night, and throughout the year. In the village center, you will see the end of the afternoon return hikers or climbers, who moved to the terraces to recover from their travels and share their experiences and emotions.

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