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village montmeyanFrom 1135, the village of Montmeyan appears in the records as "Locus of Monte Mejano" then "Montis Medrani", the "Mount of the middle". Lordship coveted, to blazon "gules a castle of three towers donjonné gold on a mountain of money", she belongs to the Knights of Malta in succession, then to the Castellane family and finally Grimaldi, who will be the last holder before the revolution. In 1651, this manor will be erected into a marquisate to Jean Auguste of Foresta. In the sixteenth century finally Montmeyan be held in the old medieval community of La Roquette.

ruelle montmeyanBut these historical landmarks are not complete since not far from the village, in the cave of St. Magdalene, paleolithic vestiges show attendance much older! Also found near the village of prehistoric pregnant attesting that the region soon attracted the first men, shepherds or hunters. The Museum of Prehistory in Quinson, nearby, you will admire the collections assembled by the excavations in this part of our region.

Finally include this anecdote notable in the fifth century, St. Marcel, Bishop of Die, died at the monastery of Saint-Maurice (The Rocket in, the town of Montmeyan) while returning from a trip to Rome. But in 1349, a miracle takes place! The saint is the keeper of the monastery and ordered him to transfer his body "in a more religious." The village of Aups, Barjols and vindicated the honor of hosting the relics of Saint ... Barjols prevailed.

place montmeyanMontmeyan is built 504 m above sea level on a hill overlooking a broad valley, and provides a magnificent outlook over the Massif des Maures. Circular village, nestled at the foot of the castle which he remains to this day some beautiful relics, Montmeyan is a maze of alleys and archways, lined with typical Provençal houses, narrow and tall.

The towers of the ramparts of the medieval castle are in a remarkable state of preservation and still overlook a charming village real. Above Montmeyan, the church of Notre Dame du Plan of the twelfth century. Originally Romanesque, it was restored in the late nineteenth century, and more recently. Its square tower is topped by an elegant campanile.

Village quiet and warm, Montmeyan annually hosts many visitors who then head to the Lower Gorges of Verdon nearby.

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