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Moustiers Sainte Marie

Moustiers Sainte MarieMoustiers Sainte Marie, a small town in the Alpes de Haute Provence understated elegance, is perched 630 meters above sea level in a mountainous and wild. Above the city, connecting two rocky peaks, a chain of 227 meters at its center with a gold star stands out against the blue sky of Provence.

This chain and its star have their roots in a hope that was the Duke of Blacas during a crusade, while a prisoner of the Saracens. He had vowed to dedicate his irons to the Virgin if he was finally freed, and he made this vow in 1220. The star we contemplate today is not the original star, but that qu'offrit to the city in 1882 a resident of Moustiers returning from a stay of 15 years in Brazil. The star measures 80 cm in diameter, it is gilded metal on nickel. The chain weighs over 400 kg.

Chapelle Notre Dame de BeauvoirMoustiers Sainte Marie has received great notoriety in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with its pottery. It is claimed that a monk came to Faenza (Italy), have unveiled a potter in the city the secret of beautiful milky white enamel which was to ensure, with the blue words "de Moustiers", the reputation of local production. At the end of the eighteenth century worked twelve workshops. After this long period of prosperity, small industry will collapse slowly, and the oven will turn off at last in 1873. But in 1925, Marcel Provence boost, with the help of local craftsmen and artists, an original production that attracts even today very many fans. A museum is open in Moustiers, and you will discover the evolution and sophistication of the arts and crafts, with the presentation of works by 17th and 18th centuries. In city streets, shops and many shops show how this craft is dynamic and vital in Moustiers.

Pont sur le chemin chemin de la ChaîneWalks in or around Moustiers offer opportunities in all seasons of remarkable discoveries. The streets are lined with houses of great architectural richness, and the paths that surround the village will lead you in landscapes truly superb. Do not miss, for example, the village church, with its Gothic chancel surmounted by a steeple pierced with Romanesque arches. The Notre Dame de Beauvoir has in turn carries a renaissance. This chapel is at the top of the path of the string that will offer you an exceptional view of the village.

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