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Simon Segal - Autoportrait - Musée AupsSimon Segal Museum is housed in the former convent of the Ursulines of Aups, just minutes from the Gorges du Verdon. Museum of Contemporary Art, there are three schools of painting: Toulon School (where Simon Segal lived before the war), School of Bourges, Paris School.

No fewer than 280 paintings presented to you in the museum, including 58 paintings by Simon Segal himself. Segal (1898 - 1969) was a Russian painter who was conspicuous for his portraits but also for his animal paintings, his seascapes and landscapes. In addition to these talents as a painter, he was an illustrator and a mosaic acknowledged.

The 58 paintings by Simon Segal have been donated to the museum by Bruno Bassano, an Italian refugee in Aups in the late 20s, and rewarded by the gift the city that had welcomed him.

Every summer at the Museum of Aups Simon Segal shows you are presented (paintings and sculptures).

Finally, note that at the bottom of the Museum you will find access to the Resistance Museum, which will remind you that Aups after World War II received the Croix de Guerre with palms.

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