Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon

Rafting Verdon Gorge

Thrill fans will not want to forego some rafting in the Gorges du Verdon, or even canyoning and whitewater swimming. Rafting is available to everyone, but with some age restrictions depending on the difficulty of the course you are considering. Well supported by professional instructors, this sport can be played in your family and give you lot of emotions!

Weather, the water level in the Verdon Gorge are taken into account, and coaching will give you all instructions before boarding and during your descent. Then go on rough waters of the Verdon, for a few hours of fun in its purest form!

The potential danger of Verdon (with water releases from dams) you must urge caution! Do not go on an adventure in your own boat without first having taken all the necessary information from the professionals !

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Rafting Verdon Gorge

Rafting dans les Gorges du Verdon