Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon

Régusse - Windmills

Moulins à vent de RégusseDo not miss during your visit to Régusse to see the two mills which constitute one of the prides of the village. On the origins undefined, but it is assumed that the first one was built from the late fifteenth century (when the oral tradition traces this construction in the twelfth or thirteenth century), they are not an attraction only for their elegance, but also because one of them makes us the pleasure of working when the wind rises, and the other gives us an interesting museum land.

Restored in 1995, the mills of Régusse stand proudly in the blue sky of Provence, just a short drive to the Gorges du Verdon. One who still has his wings, broad, white, even makes a meal you will set your heart to buy a small bag during the festival which takes place every year in early August.

Enter the windmill and you will see a mechanism to operate all the old, oak, creaking and singing by the magic of the wind. The shaft connected to the wings is a beam of seven feet long, and a respectable weight of 800 kg! The details of the operation, the explanation of each of the pieces that make up this mill will be supplied by one of the "Millers volunteers", and passionate volunteers, who will welcome you.

It's a show from another era, full of longing and passion that awaits you. If the mills of Régusse do not have the celebrity of the Moulin de Daudet, they are nonetheless worth visiting if you go through Régusse.

Les Amis des Moulins de Régusse
Mairie de Régusse - 83630


Régusse et ses moulins à vent