Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon


Rougon village des Gorges du VerdonYou will find the village of Rougon a little away from the road along the Gorges du Verdon. At the height of Point Sublime, you will take a narrow and winding road that will push you to land more arid landscapes toughest. At a bend, you will see a huge rock. And finally, you will discover, nestled at the foot of this huge block of stone, a small village, quiet, medieval-style and charm of Provence.

It's Rougon, placed there as a perfect stop to admire the magnificent scenery of the Alpes de Haute Provence. Alone amidst a setting stripped of great majesty, and a breathtaking dimension, Rougon offers stunning views of the Grand Canyon du Verdon.

The Rougonnais were once dubbed the "Eat Acorns", which shows that wealth was not to go to every home! And indeed, the village has seen its population decline over the centuries and is now reduced to less than 90 people ...

But tourism drained by the Gorges du Verdon is back from vacation to force this country that allows you to beautiful hikes in exceptional views.

Whether you walk through the typical streets of Provence, or to dive look at the bottom of the gorge, or wear it on the surrounding peaks, you will not regret one second of having this very slight detour on the usual routes.

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Gorges du Verdon Les gorges depuis le Point Sublime Rougon, niché contre un rocher Rougon - Alpes de Haute Provence Chapelle Saint Christophe