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Salles sur VerdonThe village of Salles sur Verdon is an old village in Provence, moved during the construction of the dam of Sainte Croix. Indeed, the Lake St. Croix that we all admire today is artificially created by a dam that forced the waters to cover a valley. At the bottom of this valley, unfortunately for him, was the first village of Salles sur Verdon.

In July 1970, the foundation stone of the new village was raised. In November 1973, the dam is put in water. Before the slow rise of the sea, the village begins the exodus, and in January 1974, the last two residents were evacuated from Salles sur Verdon.
In the present village, clear, open, with neat houses and straight streets, there are vestiges of the old village, two laundries, a fountain, a few door frames ... More importantly, the street names were chosen in reference to the localities entered on the register of the old village.

Salles sur Verdon has about one hundred inhabitants in winter, but this figure is multiplied by 50 during the tourist season. The unique setting of this village close to the Verdon Gorges, with a magnificent view of Lake St. Croix, is already attracting more and more people. During your visits to this village, do not miss the permanent exhibition devoted to the construction of the dam and the old village. You might hear an old man telling the sunken village, as it happened to me ...

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