Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon


SENTIER MARTEL (Martel Trail) :

To note :
This track, done up in 1928 by Touring Club of France has the name of "Sentier Martel" of the name of the French speleologist Édouard-Alfred Martel, loaded by the Electrical Company of the South is to make definite hydrogeological notings down on the river Verdon, with the aim of the future development of this river.

The Walking

The track Martel follows on about 15 Km Verdon by the Right Bank since its entrance in the canyon (Point Sublime) up to the Chalet de la Maline. Course can be made in both directions. The walking has its charm in both directions. He is however preferable, especially the summer to leave the Chalet de la Maline (access by Palud-sur-Verdon, Road of Crests) because of the solar reverberation of the adret and to approach places with strong gradient in descent. It is also the best sense for the photograph, because of course of the sun. On the basis of the very good hour and in summer, some experienced hikers make the return ticket on foot in 12 - 13 hours. From Chalet de la Maline to the Point Sublime, it is necessary to count from 7 to 8 hours with the detour by Mescla.

From Chalet de la Maline, the way goes down in laces to join the water in the ford of Estellié). The ravine of Charençon is passed, then a staircase allows to cross the rocky bar of the Step of Issane. Don't go down towards the footbridge, but go on to the left, towards the Meadow of Issane, which is a small beach of pebbles and the first place where the edge of Verdon is attained. They arrive then at the "Etroit des Cavaliers" (the narrow of the Horsemen), passage was narrowed between cliffs of about 300 metres. Pass on who follows the river to go back up towards the scree of Guègues. Above the track, in the scree, a tunnel 1196 metres in lengths is which allows in case of storm to avoid the dangerous ladders of the Hole Imbert. (This tunnel is strongly disadvised. It is long, very dark and supported with places). After the descent of the slope of Guègues the big cave of Baume-aux-Bœufs is attained, then they go on to arrive before the Hole Imbert at a crossing which points out "Mescla" or «Point Sublime».

It is recommended to make the detour by the splendid site of Mescla, where Artuby joins in Verdon. You will indeed see, if you raise the head, of people on the Belvedere of Mescla, 200 metres above you. It is in this place that drowned the abbot Pascal, in 1928. He was one of the pioneers of Verdon.

More informations about Sentier Martel in our french site.

Sentier Martel

Chalet de la maline, départ du sentier martel

Le chalet de la Maline, départ du Sentier Martel

Passerelle de l'Estellié

La passerelle de l'Estellié

Baume aux Pigeons

La Baume aux Pigeons

Verdon Gorge Map

Carte des Gorges du Verdon