Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon

The Verdon Gorge by road

To visit the Verdon Gorge, you have several options, and each will bring its share of surprises, discoveries and wonder. If you love hiking or if you prefer canoeing, see our pages on these topics. But to get a more global, more general, you can totally borrow your car and do well around the gorge.

From my point of view, but this is only my opinion, the views and feelings are most important if you leave for your journey from Aiguines. Then you undertake on the D71, a small road that overlooks the course of the Verdon and offers, with its panoramic lookouts admirable. This route is very beautiful, very impressive, so much that she is known as the Corniche Sublime.

You will pass first to the Col d'Illoire which allows a unique look on the end of the Verdon Gorge (the Bridge Galetas) and Lake St. Croix. Then, going up the gorge, you can admire the Circus Vaumale, the Cliff Baucher, the Falaise des Cavaliers. After the tunnel Fayet you head to the Pont de l'Artuby, a Mecca for bungee jumping! Then come the Mescla Balconies, another remarkable view of the Verdon Gorge. It then moves away from the course of the river to go up Trigance (D90) or continue on the D71 to Comps Artuby (farthest gorges).

If you have time allows, you can then (since Trigance) go to the Pont du Soleil (D955), and from there go to the other side of the Gorges du Verdon (D952). You will encounter while Rougon and Point Sublime. At La Palud sur Verdon, if you take Ridge Road, you admire the Cliff of Escalès, the Belvedere of the Dent d'Aire and you go through the Chalet de la Maline, starting point of the Martel Trail, then by the Belvedere Imbut.

It will do this only after rally Moustiers Sainte Marie, to discover a village full of charm !

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