Verdon Gorges - Les Gorges du Verdon

Verdon Gorge - Sport

Rafting, canyoning, climbing

Rafting Verdon GorgeThe Verdon Gorge are visited every year by thousands of amateurs of natural and aquatic activities.

Waters emeralds of Verdon, improved for the rafting, the canyoning or the swimming in white-water, or more simply the canoe, wait for you for the hours of pleasure and exceptional feelings. Under the hot sun of Provence, you discover the Verdon Gorge under a so much more amusing and privileged angle!

Attention however, these sports and natural activities are to practice conducted by professionals inured, formed to bring some change in you in complete safety in the middle of tumultuous waters of Verdon. Don't launch alone and without experience on these courses.

But supervised, some of these activities can be made in family, and without any training. Moreover, to find more gentle waters, you can go on the Sainte Croix Lake, where windsurfings, sailing boats, electrical boats and pedalos are available. Also, the Low Verdon Gorge will allow you in a splendid frame which links up Quinson in Esparron, of gentle and long walks by electrical boat or by canoe.