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Gorges du VerdonThe Verdon rises near the Col d'Allos, on the slopes of the Three Bishoprics which are of the ski area of Val D'allos. It descends to Allos, sprinkles Colmars the Alps, and then arrives at Castellane to begin dug his masterpiece: the Verdon Gorges.

Jean Giono said the Verdon: "Here, it is far more than it is elsewhere." In the limestone plateaus of Haute Provence, the river carved a canyon 50 km in some places reaching a depth of 700 meters. The cliffs are riddled with caves with evocative names: the balm of cows, the balm of the Swallow, the Baume Pigeon …

The Grand Canyon really begins after the bridge Tusset. Recognized as the highest canyon in Europe, he received the tribute annually amazed and dazzled by thousands of tourists. Along a portion of the gorges provide opportunities for hiking exciting for sports tourism, but some portions of these trails are legendary extremely difficult, and sometimes even dangerous. Do you agree with the equipment and training required, and if possible with a guide.

Les gorges du Verdon à AiguinesThe Martel trail is named after Edouard Martel, the caver who was charged in August 1905 to explore the canyon floor to study hydroelectric Verdon.

You can discover the Gorges du Verdon in many ways: hiking, canoeing, climbing or rafting and even for the more adventurous of you.

But to discover more peacefully the Verdon Gorges, you can of course use your car and take the Corniche Sublime, the road winds along the cliffs of the Gorges du Verdon.

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